Welcome to my world!

I take great pleasure in sharing my story and philosophy of my personal fitness journey and how it changed my life. I understand that everyone has a unique journey and set of struggles that have made them who they are.

My goal is to capture the unique quality inside of you, the strength that burns deep within, and light it on fire, so that you too can change your life! I understand the challenges you face, because I've been there!.

I know what it's like to run through that oh so convenient drive thru and drink the caramel drizzled Frappuccinos every morning. And then, to visit a drive thru another time for lunch or dinner.  

Snacks & Meals you will

Why blend in,when you were BORN to stand out?!

A few words about me

Terri the Paradox

👙Getting Fit👙🏋🏽
Too overwhelmed to start?
Don’t be! There is one simple thing that you can do today to get started.👇🏼
⛔️Throw out everything in your pantry and fridge that’s prepackaged and loaded with shit ingredients you can’t read, let alone pronounce. 
⛔️Eating dead, fake foods will make you feel tired, look tired, and leave you without energy.😞
😷You ever get a burst of energy after eating that grease soaked cheeseburger?
✅Fill your pantry and fridge with foods with short ingredient lists, organic (if possible), and that has a shelf life!
✅Eat living foods to feel alive! They’re filled with vitamins and nutrients your body needs to perform at its optimal level