Make up Artistry & Aesthetics

 "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
                                                         -Eleanor Roosevelt


                                                         ABOUT ME

What does Paradox mean? 

There are many answers that people have concocted in their kitchen of crazy, but for purpose sake, a paradox is an enigma, or a person of puzzling character. Once you meet me & get to know me, you will realize why!

Why did you choose this alias/nickname? 

It kind of chose me. I've been lucky enough to meet some truly unique and amazing people in my life journey. During a random conversation someone said,"You are such a Paradox" and from then, the alias was born. I have always marched to the beat of my own drum, and go against what society feels is normal. I embrace my individuality and encourage others to be uniquely you. 

What is your story?

I was born in the Philippine Islands. I came to the United States in 1988, and have lived in Arizona most of my life. I have also been fortunate to live in San Francisco, California, Ewa Beach, Hawai'i, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Each city offered me a uniquely different viewpoint, not only of how others live and interact, but developed my understanding of how truly one of a kind we all are. Life is an enhanced experience in which we stay very connected to one another by even a brief encounter.

Through my journey, I have had many experiences in which I have been challenged mentally, physically and emotionally. Times in which I thought “How much harder can it get!?" I know what it feels like to feel downright defeated. I have been broken & destroyed, yet uplifted & inspired. I learned early on that life is not promised to us, and to cherish the moments we have now. I love meeting people, hearing about their passions, and their own journey in life. I believe in being genuine, and truly caring about the well being of others, by treating people warmly,with compassion, and sincerity. It is my true desire to be a positive reflection in any person's life I come into contact with. Whether it be a brief moment or a long lasting relationship in which we can work together.

What made you decide to follow your passion?

“Why blend in, when you were born to stand out?” I heard this quote somewhere and it immediately made an impact. I think we all know deep inside who we are and what we want out of life.

I believe we talk ourselves out of our dreams or desires more than anyone else does, and are our biggest obstacles to overcome. Once you convince yourself you deserve the life you want, and choose to live it, will you feel truly satisfied. If you live the life you somehow stumbled on, you will continue to seek out temporary highs....temporary moments of happiness that we settle for, because we don’t know how to make our dreams reality. 

Through my experiences, I realized that life is too short not to do what you love everyday. So with a dream in my heart and change in my pocket, I decided it was time to live the life I wanted....all day, everyday, for the rest of my life. I say, if you don’t want a normal life, don’t lead it. Never settle, especially when it comes to your life and living your passion. Like Nike says, “Just Do It!” Be inspired to be YOU!

Why makeup artistry and aesthetics?

For me, my very first love was not with a person. I fell punch drunk, head over heels in love with makeup in grammar school when my older sisters started wearing it. I remember walking into my 5th grade class with black eyeliner and mascara on, feeling like I had accomplished world domination! Of course, I was instantly jerked aside and scolded by my teacher, and then sent to the bathroom to wash my face off. I knew then.....I was onto something! 

I love how makeup allows you to transform and be who ever you want to be, even if it’s only until you wash your face! I find that in this world, it is easy to feel unworthy, not beautiful, not special, loved, or maybe even just accepted. I believe makeup allows every person the power and the confidence to express their individuality and unique beauty. A makeup transformation gives confidence to those who lack it, and gives unique personalities the ability to use their faces & bodies as a canvas to express their ideas, emotions, and creativity that words simply can't. 

Aesthetic services naturally developed into something that I was drawn to, and highly requested by clients. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than hearing the joy exude from my clients commenting on how thrilled they are with their results. From perfecting brows with brow shaping, to enhancing natural beauty with eyelash extensions, to body contouring with a custom airbrush spray tan, my clients feel at ease and comfortable that I will help them look as beautiful as they feel on the inside.

What is your favorite part of makeup application?

I love the whole process of transforming someone! Beauty Transformations are my specialty. If I had to choose just one feature, it's perfecting the eyes, by creating that come hither sultry smokey eye that speaks lengths without words. The smokey eye has always been popular, and continues to gain popularity. I believe it is a trend that has no expiration date.

What products do you use?

I am an equal opportunity lover and therefore use various brands in my studio, as well as my kit.  Brands you will find are all high quality, professional grade products including: Scott Barnes, Illamasqua, NARS, Make Up For Ever, Kett Cosmetics, MAC, Graftobian, Ben Nye, Temptu, and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics just to name a few. I am proud to use Million Dollar Tan for my custom airbrush tans, and BioElements Professional Skincare line for my skincare treatments.

The Beauty Industry: The Good and The Bad
As luxurious as magazines, television shows, movies, and fashion shows may make it seem, it is not always a beautiful industry to say the least. The most beautiful people can be downright ugly. I strive to be a person of value and not to be broken down by negative impacts surrounding me at times. I remind those that aspire to be "perfect" that perfection is what you believe it to be. Everyone wants to be somebody else. I say be the best you can possibly be and flaunt the hell out of it! 


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